About sismatec

SISMATEC - process & packaging solutions

Sismatec is your partner for solutions for production & packaging processes in the food industry. We supply A-brand machines for the preparation, processing, portioning, filling, dosing, weighing and packaging of food and pharmaceutical items. Since 1963 we have been a consultant and partner for craft & retail and large industry.

We know the high requirements that your products must meet. Food safety, just like being able to work safely with machines, is a prerequisite. In addition, ease of operation and cleaning are important for you and your employees.

24/7 Service at Sismatec
Sismatec likes to offer its customers security and relieves the customer from A to Z. Thanks to our passionate team of specialists and our short lines of communication, we are always there for our customers.

Our Service Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 52 weeks a year. For example, our Technical Department ensures that solutions remain up & running through service services, preventive maintenance and close cooperation with our customers. Our Sales Team adopts a flexible attitude and, as a partner, thinks along with you at all times and generates the customer-oriented solution for the issue.


Segment solutions

Why choose Sismatec?

Internationally experienced

Sismatec has a lot of experience in integrating various machines in a total line. Taking responsibility is normal for us. The manufacturers we work with all supply reliable brands and are known worldwide as quality companies. We have often been representing these companies for decades. Thanks to this international experience, we offer you the world’s best possible solutions.

Since 1963

Started in 1963 as a sales office and has grown into a well-known and reliable partner of the food-producing Netherlands. We operate in the following segments: Fruit & Vegetables, Bread & Patisserie, Convenience, Pharmacy, Fish, Meat, Game & Poultry, Dairy & Cheese.

European top brands

Sismatec exclusively represents A brands. PROSEAL, TREIF, TURBO, REX, MADO, VAKONA, WEBOMATIC, BELCA, INTRAY, BILWINCO etc. We can also supplement these machines with other machines and thus deliver complete lines, turn key.

24/7 service

Our professional Service Department consists of a team of enthusiastic (maintenance) specialists. These specialists live throughout the Netherlands and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if required. You can count on us to provide professional service, because we know how important this is for manufacturing companies.