cutting with extremely high water pressure

The Cleancut waterjet

Watercutting with the CleanCut from Sismatec

Cutting through extremely high water pressure for a clean result. A food water cutter developed by Sismatec. The answer to cutting issues in the food industry.

Cutting food has never been as ‘clean’ as with the CleanCut waterjet from Sismatec.

The CleanCut is equipped with individually positionable cutting heads. Using extremely high water pressure and precision, food products are cut without affecting the product. Depending on the chosen version, the Cleancut can also be equipped with a vision system, so that a scan of the product is made before cutting, after which the servo-driven positioning puts the cutting head in the correct position. This makes it possible to realize an optimal and even cutting pattern of the products. In addition, it is also possible to cut in predetermined shapes and lines by means of vision and servo positioning, this is the most advanced version.

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Clean Cuts | Precision cuts without lubrication using extremely high pressure

The machine has a modular construction and offers many different options depending on the version. This allows us to provide a tailor-made solution for many processes. In addition, the modular construction results in high ease of use and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Some advantages of water cutting compared to the usual methods of cutting are:

Design | Modular, hygienic & safe

Electrical connection
4000 VAC / 16 Ampère / 50 Hz
Machine weight
<120 kg
Machine operating temperature range
-4°C to 30°C
Machine operating humidity range
35 – 90% RH non-condensing
Noise production
<80dB (A)
Machine Dimensions
L1600mm x H2200mm x B1300mm
Water consumption
1.2 litres/min (excl. flushing system)
10mm (5-7 bar)
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