Packaging of fish and seafood

With the advanced tray sealers, Sismatec and Proseal offer the solution for packaging a wide range of fish and seafood products, extending shelf life and preventing food waste. In addition, it is ensured that high-quality seafood is delivered to the consumer as safely and fresh as possible. These are factors that help companies maximize opportunities in such a fast-growing, yet competitive seafood market.


The bacteria in the guts and gills of fish and seafood work quickly to break down the protein tissue, causing the food to spoil quickly. It is therefore very important to pack fresh fish and seafood properly so that the food can maintain its quality through the sometimes long supply chain and vigorous handling in the store.

Proseal GTe range

The GTe range is designed for reliable and consistent operation in high food care environments. The GTe range has the flexibility to perform a wide range of high performance heat seals including Gas Flush (MAP), vacuum and gas. The equipment is proven and approved for Skin Pack with 10k OTR fish film, which is required in the industry.

Proseal GT2e | Sismatec

Innovations Proseal

One of Proseal's many innovations is its advanced gassing technology that uses a fast and efficient gassing system that places the gas consistently and accurately, leaving an extremely low level of gas residue in the package. In concrete terms, this means that fish processors can continue to use this technique to extend shelf life, without the need for an expensive vacuum system.

Skin packaging

Proseal was one of the first manufacturers to market skin packaging. Proseal has been extensively involved in the creation and development of skin technology, working to design a highly efficient system that can perform a range of different hermetic seals on a skin board, yielding a more aesthetic end product.

Using the processes described above, Sismatec and Proseal respond to extending the shelf life of the product, making the product more suitable for retail. In addition, it contributes to safety and freshness for the end user by significantly slowing down the growth of bacteria.

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