Proseal expands range of automatic case packers

Proseal's latest launch is the CP2 - a high-speed, fully automatic system that combines efficient energy use with the ability to fill crates at up to 110 packs per minute.
With the patented CP2, ProSeal is further expanding its range of case packers and, together with its market-leading tray sealing machines, offers its customers a complete packaging solution.

The CP2 can handle many different packaging shapes; trays, jars and sandwich packaging included, in materials such as A-Pet, C-Pet and cardboard and offers the same durability and protection as Proseal's existing range, but with an improved compact footprint. This allows the CP2 to fit easily into existing packaging lines and for applications where plant space is limited.

Proseal expands range of automatic case packers | Sismatec

Fundamental to the performance of the CP2 is Proseal's ProMotion tray feeding system, which accelerates throughput by following the movements and smart buffering technology to effectively control tray throughput. This allows continuous filling without stopping.

The CP2 has the flexibility to handle new forms of packaging, such as recyclable and compostable trays. Its automatic repair technology ensures quick and easy changes, while Quick Release (QR) conveyor belts can be quickly removed and replaced to make cleaning and maintenance easier and faster.

In line with ProSeal's range of tray sealing machines, the CP2 also includes many of their innovative features. These include the ProTect user login and audit trail security system, which enables multi-level access authorization and offers full compatibility with the ProVision OEE and the 'downtown analyzer' which provides real-time data on machine performance.

The case infeed and outfeed conveyors can be tailored and designed to suit individual factory layouts, and the CP2 can be fully integrated with additional equipment such as case erectors, labellers, printers and encoders.


“We have received very positive feedback on our CP3 regarding its high performance and reliability, but from talking to customers it also appears that many would welcome a more compact solution for applications that do not require the high throughput that the CP3 offers,” said Nick Severn, Senior Control Systems Engineer at Proseal UK. "The CP2 meets that demand while still providing a fast and efficient packaging solution to help businesses reach their maximum throughput."

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