Proseal launches the CP4 Casepacker

All-new casepack machines maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the packaging process.

Proseal, a world leading manufacturer of tray sealing machines announces the launch of the CP4 Casepacker, the latest in the CP series. The CP4 promises to offer producers in the global food market an unparalleled level of efficiency, flexibility and profitability in their packaging process. Proseal's new CP4 differs from the CP2 and CP3 that are currently part of the CP line by its ability to pack trays at even higher production rates. The box packing machines are ready to be seamlessly integrated with existing Proseal tray sealing machines.

The box packing machines are ready to be seamlessly integrated with existing Proseal tray sealing machines. This machine can process up to 240 packs per minute (depending on the product) and is equipped for all types of box sizes and configurations, making it a versatile solution for high-volume production lines. Designed with an efficient footprint for throughput, the CP4 embodies the seamless integration of advanced features and user-friendly operation. The machine is equipped with Proseal's latest control system for intuitive operation and real-time performance monitoring. This allows food producers to address potential problems quickly, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

"The launch of the CP4 Casepacker is a monumental development not only for Proseal, but for the entire food packaging industry," said Jon Garner, Proseal President. "The CP4's advanced features, compact design and flexibility make it a breakthrough solution for food producers looking to optimise their packaging operations."

The CP4 has quick-release conveyor belts for easy belt maintenance, and a notable feature is a quick-release tooling system that significantly reduces product changeover times and can be completed in less than a minute. The Casepacker is equipped with Proseal's ProMotion™ intelligent tray spacing system. ProMotion™ controls the feeding of trays and ensures that they are continuously fed into the machine without stopping, filling boxes at a rate of 240 packs per minute. The CP4 can handle a wide variety of packaging formats, including trays and jars in materials such as A-PET, C-PET and cardboard.

The technology also makes use of Proseal's spare parts, which are shared in their range for sealing trays and packing boxes. This promotes ease of use and minimal storage requirements for a large number of parts in the production area, allowing machines to run at required production speeds with minimal downtime or interruptions.


Source: Proseal

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