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Industrial Automation with robotics

Sismatec offers turnkey solutions in the field of robotics in the food industry. You can think of using industrial robot arms for start & end-of-line solutions. But also integrations within your production and packaging lines.

Sismatec is your partner in industrial automation & robotics in the food industry. We offer various options for the integration of smart industry and robotics with which we can set up every production line as optimally as possible Such as using robot arms or delta pickers to optimize production processes. Combine this robotics with machines from our A-brands and create the ultimate production line for every situation!

We are able to monitor and maintain all systems 24/7. In cooperation with our technical department, we can ensure that your production process runs smoothly and continues to run smoothly.

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Segment solutions

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Design | Flexible & compact solutions

To be able to switch quickly and without having to make major adjustments to your current production line, we have developed a flexible solution. With this solution we are able to use an industrial robot for many different actions. Product position, product size and quality are effectively made transparent. So that operations run smoothly. These solutions can be flexibly placed on a line and are capable of performing a wide variety of actions.

In addition to robot systems with a flexible and compact design, we also offer solutions for high speeds. This includes carrying out pick & place operations with extremely high speed and precision. One hundred picks per minute are no exception.

We are happy to help you with your issue regarding the optimization of your production and packaging processes. Interested? Contact us via the contact page or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page!

Food grade | Hygiene & safety

Hygiene and safety are important factors within robotics in the food industry, Sismatec takes these factors into account from the start of the development process. This enables us to develop a complete hygienic & food safe system. We do this without compromising on functionality. In addition, the safety of employees is also optimally guaranteed.

By using light screens, the robot is optimally secured but still quickly and easily accessible for operators and cleaners. Electrical components are selected for a certified degree of protection, among other things. Our standard is IP69K protection. As a result, many of our machines can be removed with high pressure and water damage is a thing of the past.

Do you have questions about how we take hygiene and safety into account in our robotics solutions? Or are you interested in how we can help you optimize your processes? Feel free to contact us!

Robotica | Sismatec

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