Dairy and cheese & Sismatec

Technological partner in the dairy and cheese sector

The processing, preparation, portioning and packaging of dairy and dairy products can be done in numerous ways in collaboration with Sismatec. Based on state-of-the-art machines, knowledge gained through years of experience and in-house research and development, Sismatec can fully set up and automate production. The organization ensures that our solution can offer you continuity through a specialized 24/7 service department.

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Applications in the dairy and cheese sector

Segment solutions

Edit & prepare

Cutting, emulsifying, mixing and more

With the Slsmatec brand, Sismatec has the new generation of universal machines. These universal machines are characterized by exceptional versatility: several processing steps can be carried out in one machine. As a result, maximization of quality efficiency is achieved. The machines are easy to clean and are very maintenance-friendly. Versions: 5, 60, 90, 110, 200, 400 & 800 litres.

The machines are able to combine many production steps within the dairy & cheese sector: mixing, cutting, emulsifying and homogenizing. Direct and indirect heating, cooling and production under vacuum is also possible. Processing of cheddar, mozzarella, soy products and more.



With Intray, Sismatec offers the ideal solution for packaging lines with plastic or cardboard trays in the cheese industry. INTRAY streamlines food production with electrical and hygienic packaging denesters. Regardless of the speed and content of the packages, an INTRAY de-nester completely solves the task.

The de-nesters have been developed in such a way that packaging is de-nested perfectly and ends up in the right place, and the de-nesters can also be easily integrated into existing production lines. In less than a minute the tool can be changed and further production, with different packaging and/or product, can continue. The simple but well thought-out system guarantees a continuous throughput process.


Tray sealing

Packing cheese in plastic or cardboard packaging is no problem at Sismatec. Based on the collaboration with Proseal, Sismatec is able to design, offer and deliver the ideal packaging line.

The tray sealers from Proseal have different functions for different product requirements, such as vac/gas for a longer shelf life. The Proseal machines range from manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic with a capacity of up to 180 packages per minute.

The Proseal machines make it easy for the customer to change recipes through an easy tool switch in combination with a user-friendly display where recipes can easily be changed / exchanged. Various Proseal solutions such as a tool loading trolley, tool storage rack and pro-test facilitate production starts and product changes.


Sismatec & Belca are your partner when it comes to a wide range of flowpack machines. Belca has been designing, manufacturing and supplying packaging solutions for more than 30 years. Sismatec & Belca want to build a long-term relationship with you, the customer. At Sismatec, you can count on 24/7 service.

The Belca flow packer range consists of: Belca BF series, Belca SP series and the Belca FN series. These series consist of horizontal packaging machines and are divided into films coming from above and from below.