Game and poultry & Sismatec

Technological partner in the Game & Poultry sector

The preparation, processing and packaging of game and poultry can be done in numerous ways. Through a wide range of machinery and years of experience, Sismatec is a reliable technological partner for companies, large and small.

The processing, preparation, portioning and packaging of game and poultry can be done in many different ways in collaboration with Sismatec. Sismatec supplies standalone machines and complete production and packaging lines for organizations in the game & poultry sector.

As a technological partner, we put the customer’s wishes first and we always strive for a reliable and continuous production process. Through partnerships with progressive organizations, A-brands and many specialists in this sector, Sismatec is able to offer and realize the best solution.

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Applications in the game & poultry sector

Segment solutions

Processing & preparing

Cutter and emulsify

With the Slsmatec brand, Sismatec has the new generation of universal machines. These universal machines are characterized by exceptional versatility: several processing steps can be carried out in one machine. The machines are easy to clean and are very maintenance-friendly.

The machines handle various tasks involved in the production and processing of game & poultry: mixing, cutting, emulsifying and homogenizing. Direct and indirect heating, cooling and production under vacuum is also possible.



The collaboration between Sismatec & Proseal offers the best solution for tray sealing of product.

Proseal’s tray sealers are known for their high efficiency, easy operation and cleaning plus the enormous flexibility of the machines. The state of the art seal, vacuum/gas and skin techniques guarantee a continuous packaging process in the game & poultry sector.

In addition to a continuous packaging process, the tray sealer minimizes the use of plastic and the production footprint. The machines are capable of performing various sealing processes and top sealing almost all possible packaging types.


Sismatec & Belca are your partner when it comes to a wide range of flowpack machines. Belca has been designing, manufacturing and supplying packaging solutions for more than 30 years. Sismatec & Belca want to build a long-term relationship with you, the customer. At Sismatec, you can count on 24/7 service.

The Belca flow packer range consists of: Belca BF series, Belca SP series and the Belca FN series. These series consist of horizontal packaging machines and are divided into films coming from above and from below.