Pharmacy & Sismatec

Technological partner in the pharmaceutical sector

The preparation, processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products can be done in numerous ways. Sismatec supplies complete production lines when it comes to effective production and packaging.

The processing, preparation, portioning and packaging of pharmaceutical products can be done in numerous ways in collaboration with Sismatec.

Based on state-of-the-art machines, knowledge gained through years of experience and in-house research and development, Sismatec can provide its customers with future-proof production and packaging processes as a technological partner.

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Applications in the pharmaceutical sector

Segment solutions

Edit & prepare

Cutting, emulsifying, mixing and more

With the Slsmatec brand, Sismatec has the new generation of universal machines. These universal machines are characterized by exceptional versatility: several processing steps can be carried out in one machine. The machines are easy to clean and are very maintenance-friendly. Advantages of the machine are:

The machines are able to combine many production steps of pharmaceutical products: mixing, cutting, emulsifying and homogenizing. Direct and indirect heating, cooling and production under vacuum is also possible.



The tray sealing machines from Proseal are known as the best packaging machines in the market. The machines are capable of sealing almost all sizes of packaging, whereby many different materials can be used. The intelligent software in combination with a very user-friendly touchscreen panel ensures maximum user-friendliness for production operators. In addition to only top-sealing packaging, the Proseal machines are capable of performing the gas flush, vacuum/gas and skin sealing processes in order to meet the many different requirements in the market. The S series from Proseal are suitable for the ‘easier’ sealing processes atmospheric seal, gas flush and hermetic shrinkage. The E series add vacuum/gas and skin to this.

To match machines with desired production numbers, Proseal has a semi-automatic and a fully automatic product line. The TTe, GTR and GTRe belong to the semi-automatic line and are capable of sealing 30 packages per minute and vacuum/gas sealing 10 packages. The GT0s up to and including the GT6ex/Twin belong to the fully automatic machines. Production numbers are achieved up to 240 packages per minute.