Vegetarian & Sismatec

Technological partner in the vegetarian sector

The preparation, processing and packaging of vegetarian products can be done in numerous ways. Sismatec supplies A-brand and customer-specific solutions for vegetarian production. Continuous optimization, R&D and the use of the best techniques guarantees future-proof production.

Sismatec has focused intensely on vegetarian production in recent years.

Through our large range of machinery for many different sectors in the food industry, Sismatec knows how to respond perfectly to the new and ever-changing requirements and wishes of the vegetarian sector.

Based on state of the art machines, knowledge gained through years of experience and its own research and development, Sismatec can help organizations in the vegetarian market as a technological partner with a production process that is reliable, of superior quality and ready for the future.

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Segment solutions

Processing & preparing

Cutting, emulsifying, mixing and more

With the Sismatec brand, Sismatec has the new generation of universal machines. These universal machines are characterized by exceptional versatility: several processing steps can be carried out in one machine. The machines are easy to clean and are very maintenance-friendly.

The machines are able to combine many different production steps within the vegetarian sector to maximize efficiency and quality: mixing, cutting, emulsifying and homogenizing and more. Direct and indirect heating, cooling and production under vacuum is also possible.



Sustainability, Skin Packing | With an eye to the future
Sismatec & Proseal are market leaders in tray sealing in the food industry. The tray sealing principle ensures a reduction of the footprint compared to other ways of packaging meat and meat substitute products. The innovative and intelligent software of the Proseal has ensured that Proseal has become one of the market leaders in tray sealing in the food industry.

Sismatec & Proseal are increasingly focusing on sustainability and the latest packaging trends. The Proseal machines are the number one machines when it comes to the skin packaging process. In addition, Sismatec, Halopack and Proseal are global forerunners in the sustainable packaging of meat and vegetarian products.


Sismatec & Belca are your partner when it comes to a wide range of flowpack machines. Belca has been designing, manufacturing and supplying packaging solutions for more than 30 years. Sismatec & Belca want to build a long-term relationship with you, the customer. At Sismatec, you can count on 24/7 service.

The Belca flow packer range consists of: Belca BF series, Belca SP series and the Belca FN series. These series consist of horizontal packaging machines and are divided into films coming from above and from below.



Denesting trays at high speeds
Sismatec & Intray offer the most effective solution for denesting packaging. The Intray machines are perfectly suited for production lines with high speeds, compactly built and very user-friendly. The tool of the machine is designed for the specific packaging of the customer and ensures an optimally reliable production process.