Weighing and packing line

On Thursday, July 6 and Friday, July 7, we will have a complete line setup on hand for weighing and packing many possible products. This line consists of a multihead weigher from Bilwinco and a vertical bag sealer from Doypak.

We would like to invite you to our company in Almelo to demonstrate this weighing/packaging line to you and inform you in more detail about the possibilities of these machines. Of course, we will do this over snacks and drinks.

Bilwinco produces multihead weighers that are very suitable for the food sector. The weighers can weigh different products very quickly and accurately. We can offer a wide range of capacities, from a 10-cup to as much as a 32-cup. This allows us to weigh up to over 200 packages per minute.
Bilwinco’s multihead weighers are specially designed for weighing fresh and frozen food products. The machines have a unique design that meets the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry. The product area is flexible so that the machine can be adapted to the desired product. The weighing machines are built of stainless steel, have solid construction, high output and are accurate.

Doypak is a renowned Turkish supplier of vertical bag closers, and the combination of Bilwinco and Doypak is a proven success. In this setup, the vertical bagger is placed under the Bilwinco multihead weigher. The Doypak machines are also easy to operation, equipped with servo technology and easy to clean. Therefore, Doypak has been supplying good and reliable machines for decades.

We hope you will be interested in coming to view this line-up and request that you register with us in advance by sending an email to:

Hope to see you at our company in Almelo!

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