Innovation MADO MEW 737


At IFFA 2016, MADO presented its first – newly designed corner wolf – as a novelty. This is a fully stainless steel machine with a 160 mm diameter head with a hopper of 330 liters.
This machine is equipped with a 5-piece Unger cutting system, type G 160.
Both the infeed worm and outgoing worm are made of steel.

Technical specifications:

  • Mast lift on machine for 200 liter standard wagons.
  • Wedge in the funnel.
  • Hygienic construction and easy to clean through optimal cleaning options.
  • Two speed adjustable of the feed and output worm.
  • Reverse position for turning the worms.
  • Special flushing chamber
  • As an option, a ‘Trennsatz’ for sorting cartilage and tendons is possible.

For more information or questions regarding this or other MADO machines, we look forward to receiving your response.

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