Butcher shop Lantinga very satisfied with REX 327

Slagerij Lantinga is a renowned sausage maker and butcher who has won many awards with its products at trade fairs in the Netherlands.
In 2011, Slagerij Lantinga bought a REX RVF-327 and has had to do little maintenance since the purchase and can therefore work pleasantly and without problems.

Butcher shop Lantinga prepares all kinds of products with the REX-RVF 327, such as dry sausage, fresh sausage and liver sausage. But they also fill stew, pea soup, herb butter and satay sauce with it.

The REX machines are distinguished by simple ease of use by means of touchscreen control, very accurate operation and all electricity is located in a shielded heated cabinet in the machine.
“This offers the advantage that the engine stays nice and dry,” said Mr. Lantinga itself.

If you would like more information about REX stuffing boxes or vacuum fillers, we look forward to hearing from you.

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