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Registration of improvement proposal and complaint

Sismatec is continuously looking for improvements to its work processes, service and technical solutions. We can imagine that you think that a better solution is possible with a different approach to improve various things. Such as service, maintenance and our communication towards you.

Working together on top performance

Do you have a complaint or suggestion for improvement regarding our working methods or our solutions? Then we would like to hear from you what the complaint is, how this complaint arose and what we could have done better to prevent the complaint. Together with you, we go through the process in order to ultimately work together towards a working method / solutions that will satisfy you as a customer as much as possible.
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Your application has been submitted. What's next?

If you have submitted the attached form, our service department together with the responsible process owner at Sismatec will take up the complaint. Based on your submission improvement proposal, we will check the process, contact you for more details if necessary, and look for the best possible (future) solution internally or together with the manufacturer.

A resolution of your complaint can be found in many ways. Sometimes you can fix the complaint yourself after a tip from us, but we may also need to have a service engineer visit you to fix the complaint. Or that we should look for a solution with the manufacturer. Depending on the nature and speed of our solution, we will schedule your problem or requirement. This mainly means communicating about the duration, finding a substantive solution, making any follow-up appointments and having a final discussion with you about the solution offered.