Meat & Sismatec

Technology partner in the meat sector

Processing, preparation, portioning and packaging of meat can be done in numerous ways in cooperation with Sismatec. Sismatec has a range of machines and solutions to suit the different needs of craft & retail and large industry. From fully automated production and packaging lines to small stand-alone machines for smaller butchers’ shops.

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Mixing and tumbling

Sismatec & Vakona have extensive experience in mixing, balancing, massaging, marinating and tumbling all meat products. The Vakona machines impress with high user-friendliness, which is achieved through simple operation and easy cleaning. The large choice of different sizes and equipment options allows a high degree of individualisation to achieve the highest possible level of customer-specific product optimisation.

Vakona’s mixers are divided into three ranges. The standard FM series, the VM series for vacuum conditions and the ESK series for energy-saving cold tumbling of meat product. All three series are available in volumes from 60 to 1800 litres.

Cutting and emulsifying

With the Sismatec brand, Sismatec has the new generation of universal machines. These universal machines are characterised by exceptional versatility: multiple processing steps can be carried out in one machine. The machines are easy to clean and are very low-maintenance.

The machines handle a wide variety of tasks involved in the production of meat products: mixing, cutting, emulsifying and homogenising. Direct and indirect heating, cooling and producing under vacuum is also possible. Maximising efficiency and quality!

Sismatec CCM 200